Almighty Ideal Modern School

AIMS is an educational hub located at Aryalgaun, Jorpati, established in 2067B.S.It lies at a peaceful location away from the population over looking open spaces and greeneries around it, which helps the learners to broaden their mental horizon.

AIMS is committed to quality education and academic excellence. The school is dedicated to maintain the academic environment to its children.

Our belief is that children today are responsible for citizens of tomorrow. However, these tender buds cannot blossom unless and until they get excellent academic environment which will enable them become capable ad skilled human resources of their society and country.

AMIS is committed to create homely but disciplined environment so that students may become aware of their own future.

AIMS has a dynamic and qualified team of educators who are very dedicated, hard-working and energetic as well. Along with renowned instructors, we have innovative practice in teaching and learning which can assist students prove themselves outstanding in every corner of the world. We equally focus on producing well-cultured and real human-beings.



We deliver outstanding academic and tutorial programs at our school in different levels; enabling children to change their lives and shapes their own future.

We inspire and encourage our students to be professional skilled individuals be-fitted for the modern era, committed to lifelong learning and able to contribute to the societies in which they reside and work.

We embrace new changes and believe in the power of innovative practices. Undoubtedly, quality education is the principal means of an individual’s growth and social development of a nation. Considering the fact, we maintain consistently high standards across all areas of study. We aim to contribute to society through the pursuit of education at the highest level of excellence.



·         To provide quality education to the students.

·         To encourage the students to learn skills so as to cope with everyday problems ad difficulties.

·         To instill respect and love in the minds of the children towards the nation, cultures and religions.

·         To promote good conduct and discipline.

·         To provide opportunities to the students regardless of caste, class, sex, religion and ethnicity.

·         To develop mutual understanding among parents, students and educators.

·         To develop children as major role players in science, technology, art and literature.

·         Mould competitive, qualified and skilled citizens having the abundance of intellectual and vocational insight and skill.

·         To develop the school as one of the major role models for social transformation.

·         Increase confidence and the power of reasoning.

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